The Public Page

Welcome to the little page that could.

I hope you find something within my words that you can relate to, something that strikes a nerve or a thought process triggering a realisation or change. I write from the heart on a variety of topics, sometimes to challenge the norm, sometimes to give the demons inside a voice, and other times for the simple reason that the desire to write surpasses the desire to do something else.

I guess the more I think about it the more I realise I wanted to challenge the stigma associated with Poetry, and in many ways challenge the acceptance of 'normal'

Poetry, as highlighted by Robin Williams in the movie 'Dead Poets Society' is not about grammatical accuracy or poetic structure or even rhyme. It is simply a pursuit of passion guided by emotion. Some turn to brushes, some turn to strings or clay or any other myriad of artistic outlets available today... I just so happened to turn to the pen. Through this I have found that in many ways the pen is definitely more mighty than the sword. The most obvious being that, had I turned to the sword in my darkest days, I wouldn't still be here to write about it.

So, please enjoy the words I share and if you stumble across these words on your darkest day, I hope they allow you to write about it on the brighter days to come.