As I yet again stare down the barrel of financial turmoil, questions of which magic hat still has a rabbit in it circulate, encompassed within the shit storm of social media stupidity.

I know my path, I know my heart is true, I know in time this will be a memory revised in the comfort of the company of my bikes and cars and planes and toys, but more importantly the company of the family that endure this pain with me.

To be honest I have no fucking idea how all this shit will play out as I attempt to tackle global problems from my beat up run down falling apart temporary home. Caught in a bizarre paradox where the vision shines so clear amidst the present shit storm...

Call me crazy as I place my faith in the youth cast aside by society, offering what little I have to those who apparently appreciate nothing. The reality is though I don't see any other option, time rolls on and these youth become our old so this is the one hand that we can't afford to fold. So here I am, all in, betting with every nothing.