Live For You

This process of being a parent a proven to be rather controversial,

Everyone has an opinion of what is preferential.

Regardless of what happens, be sure to live for you,

The best example you can set is to yourself being true.


Learn the difference between suggesting and directing.

What worked for you isn't necessarily universally fitting.

If you want the honest truth of the matter from my perspective,

Those trying to direct seem to be the insecure and indecisive.


My life to date has been lived more than most know,

The difference being I don't feel the need to put it all on show,

My actions are my own through experiences had before,

To judge what you know not simply highlights your insecure core.


I know what works for me and I require little from society.

I balance my passion and dreams with core necessity.

Doing what I must to provide for those dear to me,

Having done my time and paid my fee.


If you find yourself offended or neglected,

Consider yourself part of the society I openly rejected.

I don't have time to waste on your judgemental insecurities,

Nor shall I conform to your narrow minded ideologies.


The biggest difference between you and I however,

Unlike you, I don't judge how you wish to live your forever.

I am happy to let you be and go about your day to day.

All I ask is that you respect me enough to let me live my way.


I have a son to raise in a world that for the most part I despise,

This friction in mindset comes as no real surprise,

The hard part is dealing with the constant disappointment,

The constant battering from those of self appointment.


Taking it upon themselves to critisise my every move,

Thinking to you I have something to prove,

So I kindly suggest sitting the fuck down,

Remove your ego and your hypocritical crown.


My son will grow up, encouraged to live however he desires.

I will explain to him my experiences, actions and consequent fires.

I will explain that these are simply my experiences in a world so vast.

I will explain that his will be different and must raise his own mast.


Never though shall I be one to cast judgement,

For him I will hold no resentment,

I've made no shortage of mistakes in my years to date,

These have paved the so far of my fate.

I will continue to live this life my way for myself,

To show him you earn the trophies on your shelf,

He will blaze his own trail in a new world uncharted,

Free to choose in his life those staying and those departed.


He will learn of who and what really, truly matters,

Learning of 'family' when life shatters,

I will do for him what I can while I can,

Beyond that his life will be his own to plan.


Do what rewards your heart and soul above all,

Be content with self satisfaction and accept when you fall.

This life isn't about the pleasing of others.

When you follow the crowd it's you that suffers.


The only thing you will ever own is your actions.

Determined by your conscience and other people's reactions.

Live in the moment and make careful note of future memories.

For when the present becomes past you're left with the penalties.


Take responsibility for your choices for it's you that you must face,

Money, laws or prison, your conscience still the ace.

The only blood that matters is what courses through your veins,

Regretting a lack of action is the most painful of all pains.


So if or when you notice i've slowly disappeared,

Perhaps I am the asshole that you had feared,

Or maybe I simply saw what you thought could not be seen,

As I live for me and walk away from what will never be clean.