I delivered a speech tonight, off the cuff in the sense that I had no script yet preparing for it for years. Touching on the power of words and confidence... I found myself recapping moments in life that in hindsight were pivotal in shaping me. My words, both written and spoken have evolved with time, a natural progression of sorts. It is true they are both skills developed and fine tuned, like any craft. These just so happened to be for the most part a sub conscious development. I never started my writing with the intent to share it, it was simply a vent. I often found myself searching for the words in songs and they simply weren't there, so I was left with no choice but to pen my own expressing the emotion.


The statement does still ring true that the pen is mightier than the sword however todays generation has all of the tools yet none of the training. More than ever words have the potential to reach countless numbers of people in record time yet they're taught to keep their voices silent. Raise your voice and let your body follow through with the actions.


I've been told countless times I should publish my words, so tonight I shall publish simply my thoughts, perhaps an insight of sorts. It's these concepts I contemplate daily, taking what is and tearing it apart, finding the faults and working out how to re-engineer it to be better. Unfortunately this problem goes to the core of the society we have come to accept, so to truly fix a problem this deep, the system as such must be fully disassembled and rebuilt piece by piece. That translates to person by person, raising their voices and using the words they scream repeatedly in their head... The drums of history still beat to the same count, setting the pace and the tone, the rhythm awaits the lyrics to be scripted.