Time Passages

This life, so full of twists and turns where death is equally as unknown as tomorrow. An existence so rife with opportunity it becomes impossible to experience it all, so how do we make the most of it? What makes a life worth living, and what makes a memory worth making? To me, I feel it's the risk. Risk is the pinnacle of living in the moment where the future gets put on hold only dared by the bold.

Risk, however is not simply living life on the edge and pushing every boundary known, it's a balance one must strike, towing the line between stupidity and experience. A critical calculation that defines the moments to follow. Becoming the only time machine we have the ability to control. The moments that pass us by at idle becoming wasted... Now that's not to say time resting is time wasted but the mentality becomes the guide, leading us down our rite of passage.

In due time, memories become our only measure of worth, not those of our own but the memories of those around. The ones who determine how you live on, the ones who give the power of eternity. Our actions linger in the minds of those we touch, so touch kindly. Be humble, be human. Set your goals high whilst carrying as many with you as you can. Inspire others to inspire through seeking what you desire. Ignite your fire and pave the way, be the light at the end of others darkest tunnels, be the warmth melting the ice on the coldest of hearts.

This life is but a small moment in time, live it your way, determine the length and the rooms that branch off your passage, leave all the lights on to reflect on the things that went wrong. Reflection is crucial for the image we see is there to remind us that we are still free.

Do not conform to the social norm. Strip the chains of society and find your own reality, Embrace those who accept you for you, share yourself with those who wish to share themselves with you, let paths entwine but never confine... Live in passionate lust because a time will come where shy the memories you are but dust.