And They Danced...

The flames danced quietly to the rhythm of the night,

Warming the room  with its gentle flickers of mesmerising light.

Upon the wall behind, our shadows embrace tight,

Ecstasy set, ready to ignite.

The wine glasses drained to varying amounts,

As if time at that moment paused its counts.

To savour each movement in the slowest of motion,

This night measured only in raw unhindered emotion.

Eyes locked as we explore with souls untamed,

Unashamed passion reaching levels unchained,

Our bodies entwine as our deepest desires dine,

Savouring the touch of your body so divine.

The fire gradually fades as the flames give way to a small amber glow,

Into the early hours of the morning this moment does flow.

Between sweat drips and passionate lips pressed,

Slithers of sunlight sweeping against your beautiful figure undressed.

Replaying in our minds the intimacy that flowed uncapped,

Into the morn our bodies rest, around each other wrapped,

Content, holding each other warm and tight.

And the flames danced for the rhythm was just right.