For the most part today the guns lay silent,
In dormant slumber 'till man once again becomes violent.
The sad reality of this humane society,
Misguided truths and plausible deniability.
Today we take a moment to remember.
I challenge you to ask a serving member,
What it is they remember,
For the scars you can't see still remain forever.
Pause to remember what you actually have each day,
Remember the fallen as well as the reason they now at rest lay.
Respect the belief for which they died defending,
Don't you dare stand there for a moment pretending.
Learn to respect the past as it has allowed the now,
The blood that ran like the sweat from their brow.
Thank the cold and distant battle hardened,
Don't leave the broken alone and disheartened.
Be it today or any other day pause for a moment to respect.
Do not be part of the crowd where you accept neglect.
Spare a moment for the diggers who gave their all,
Let their memory, like their pride stand tall.