The best thing I ever saw...

My father have a heart attack in front of me... Not for it being a happy moment, but for it being a pivotal moment in my life.

The moment I realised, yes, things can quite literally change in an instant without warning, the moment I saw the corner stone of my youth collapse, the catalyst to the blur of failures and hardships that followed bringing me to be the man I am today.

The moment that changed my perspective, further left of field than it already was from the standard perspective society expects you to adopt.

3 years come October... At 27 years old, a failing relationship, two failing business's and 400k of debt over my head. For the most part left to fend for myself, support it seemed was non existent... A family apart and personality traits starting to show... It has been in this time I have learned about myself as my resilience continued to grow.

So yes, the best lessons to be learned are from the hardest of experiences


(Small Stones Prompt)