A Mates Tale.

I have a dream.

To not bode to temptation,

Regardless of the situation,

Impossible it may seem.

A couple days shooting,

Having a laugh and talking shit,

In my mind an idea hit,

Boys being boys yahooing.

...So that was a few months ago.

My mate it seems did not forget...

I knew at some point i'd come to regret.

Placing a .308 beside my ear and leting it go.

Well... Fuck me dead.

I'm sure something broke.

Laughing his ass off... I wish he'd fuckin choke.

Hours later still ringing inside my head.

After 20 years you'd think i'd learn.

He's been my best mate all this time.

Topping each other with a new crime,

I'll find a way to make the table turn.

An eye for an eye, all for a laugh.

No malice despite it all,

Funny as hell curled up in a ball.

A whip to the balls, swear they peeled in half.

Call a truce for this trip...

Both plotting revenge.

Induced pain to avenge.

I only wish we got a video clip.